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The Top 10 Reasons You Should Rent The Harwich Haven For Your Next Cape Cod Vacation Rental

  1. No Traffic: The Harwich Haven's changeover day is WEDNESDAY so you're not sitting in traffic on your Saturdays' and have a whole weekend to enjoy while on vacation. Perfect if you've got a Saturday event to attend! The Harwich Haven is on Route 6 before it goes down to 1 lane so you're even less likely to hit traffic on Wednesday.

  2. Linen Service: The Harwich Haven provides sheets, towels and even beach towels so you don't have to pack linens or take them home and wash them.

  3. The Pool: The Harwich Haven has an in-ground pool so you can just hang out if you're not up to driving and bringing everything to the beach and the kids can swim all day if they want.

  4. The Perfect Spot: The Harwich Haven is in an ideal location.

      •  7/10 of a mile to the beach on Nantucket Sound
      •  5 miles to Harwichport ferries to Nantucket or seal watches
      •  15 miles to Hyannis Island ferries and shopping or Chatham dining and shopping
      •  60 miles to dining, shopping, whale watches and ferries in P'Town or Woodshole

  5. Child Friendly: The Harwich Haven is a fun place for kids. There is a bedroom designed just for them and they love to swim in the pool. There is also a pool table, foosball, table tennis and 3 TV / VCRs with lots of movies and plenty of games to keep children entertained.

  6. Senior Friendly: The Harwich Haven keeps my grandma comfortable in the master bedroom/bath suite. Although there are 3 floors, Grandma lives comfortably on the 1st floor, using the wheelchair ramp, never climbing a stair, using the handrails on the back doors and on the tub. Grandma's chair and bed are higher so she can get in them easier.

  7. Bathrooms, Etc: The Harwich Haven has 1 outdoor and 4 full bathrooms! With so many baths, everyone can get ready quickly and the kids love showering outside.

  8. Rain or Shine: The Harwich Haven has plenty of space and lots to do so that everyone is entertained and comfortable, even in the rain. If that bad weather rolls in, you can even build a fire and toast hot dogs and marshmallows in the Cabana or main house!

  9. Plenty of Space: The Harwich Haven has a pool house, billiards room, patio, living room, den and more so you can spread out and relax. The kids can play downstairs, while others play games, cook, watch movies and nap, all at the same time!

  10. Cooking & Dining: The Harwich Haven has an updated kitchen. The dishwasher means no one has to wash or dry. The 40", dual-fuel stove has 5 burners and 2 ovens, everything you'll need for the lobster feast or turkey dinner. Then all of you can eat together in the dining room or out at the picnic tables because there is plenty of seating.

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